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pabcorganic - Experts in Organic Raw Materials


PABCO SA is a Swiss brokerage company specialized in
organic raw materials with over 40 years professional experience working in
Brazil, the USA, Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific.

Our HQ is in Lausanne (Pully), Switzerland with offices in Brazil and

We are an international, multi-lingual team of experts in sourcing and sales of organic raw materials.

Despite the fact that we are spread across the globe, we are connected around the clock, using a variety of communication tools to keep in touch both upstream with our organic growers/suppliers as well as downstream with our end-customers.


PABCO SA guarantees organic integrity for its full portoflio. We ensure highest quality and safety standards for our customers. Our focus is to strictly source premium organic raw materials that are fully traceable, rigorously certified and with unique characteristics.


PABCO SA is proud to be considered essential by its partners constituting an integral part of their organic organizations.

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