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PABCO SA - organic raw materials experts. Goiasa Goiatuba Alcool Ltda

Goiasa Goiatuba Alcool Ltda. in the state of Goiás (Mid-West of Brazil), began its operations in 1991 with the processing of sugar cane for ethanol production (fuel), and shortly thereafter VHP sugar as well as crystal sugar.

In 2003, Goiasa started an ambitious progressive conversion program of its 35’000ha from conventional production to organic production.


Today, besides conventional ethanol, crystal sugar and VHP sugar, Goiasa produces organic crystal sugar, organic ethyl alcohol and electric power from sugarcane bagasse.

Goiasa employs 2,500 employees making it the largest employer to the economy of the south region of the state of Goiás. 

Goiasa provides for the education of its employees and their families as well as runs several other social programs for the local communities.


Goiasa is also running an active local ecological program, through reforestation and keeping the region’s rivers clean.

Goiasa is entirely self-sufficient in energy as it produces more electricity (through the sugar cane bagasse) than it consumes and its trucks run on its own ethanol.

Goiasa has a positive carbon imprint through the planting of its sugar cane and rotation crops such as organic soyabeans, in addition to an active reforestation program of 12/15'000 trees per annum.

These activities have earned Goiasa several important prizes.

Goiasa's sugar – Goiasa sells most of its conventional sugar in the local Brazilian market and a majority of its organic sugar overseas to consumers in Europe, the United States, Mexico, Canada and the Far East.

Goiasa produces five types of conventional sugar and two types of organic sugar.


Crystal sugar EXTRA (icumsa max 100)

Crystal sugar ESPECIAL (icumsa max 150)

Crystal sugar SUPERIOR (icumsa max 200)

Crystal sugar STANDARD (icumsa max 400)

Crystal sugar VHP (icumsa max 1200)

These qualities are packed in 50kg raffia bags.


Quality A400 (icumsa max 450)

Quality A600 (icumsa min 451/max 750)

These qualities are packed in small bags of 1kg, 2kg and 5kg which can be printed with the buyer’s logo or in 25kg multi-layered paper bags or in 1000kg big bags.

These bags are stuffed into 20’ containers in the port of Santos.

Goiasa's ethanol – Goiasa’s conventional alcohol (ethanol) is mostly sold within Brazil, whereas its organic ethyl alcohol is marketed locally and to international consumers for food & alcoholic beverages, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, household products, sanitizing products etc.

Goiasa supplies three types of ethanol: 

Anhydrous ethanol

Organic hydrated ethanol

Organic hydrated neutral ethanol

Goiasa supplies its organic ethanol FOB Santos (Brazil) in ISOtanks and in 1,000L IBCs fitted in 20’ dry containers. 

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